Mini Farm:

Explore our Mini Farm at Moor Green! Nestled in our courtyard garden, this miniature city farm is a unique feature we have been proud to develop. It supports aspects of our curriculum as well as children’s pastoral needs. 

Meet our residents: goats, sheep, fancy ducks, chickens, doves, quails, rabbits, fish guinea pigs and budgerigars. Children actively participate, feeding and caring for the animals, experiencing the joy of collecting fresh eggs. Parent volunteers work with school staff to help maintain the farm. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mr Hughes via [email protected] 


In addition to our school farm and gardens, we're thrilled to have our very own allotment at Dad’s Lane Allotment, right next to our school site. Volunteers contribute to maintaining a weed-free and child-friendly environment. Throughout spring and summer, we engage in planting a diverse range of fruits and vegetables.